Collaborative Shopping

Powerful Composition of Augmented Reality & Virtual Shopping

MageNative, a child company of CedCommerce, successfully secured the winning position in Magento Innovations Lab Round–3. We will be hosting a demo at Magento Imagine 2019! We are excited to announce this since MageNative managed to secure a winning position within the first year of submitting the entry for Magento innovations lab 2019. Magento Imagine 2019 will be held at Wynn Las Vegas, May 13-15!

Outlining Buyer’s Journey

How often your customer shop online but are unable to make a purchase because of the unavailability of one or more decision makers? And, how about your customer returns a product just because they don’t like its “fit”? How would you like a solution that lets your customers try-on virtual item. Sounds Interesting? Read on.

Virtual shopping is ready for the big leap with MageNative’s Intuitive Innovation in the year 2019! Collaborative Shopping - An AR-enabled solution for the Magento Mobile app that lets your customers:

  • Virtual Products in 3D View
  • Make Collaborative Decisions
  • Increase User Engagement
  • Reduce Return Rate

How Does Collaborative Shopping Works?

  • This Solution enables a 3D product placement prior to purchasing the actual product.
  • A view link will be generated that can be shared with others via text or online message (eg: WhatsApp, Facebook, etc)
  • This link will be opened by everyone who has access and complete screen view of sender’s smartphone will be displayed on each member’s device screen.
  • With the Live screen share feature, the voice call function is available to discuss the product details and make a buying decision.

This way, Collaborative shopping helps buyer to take fast, effective and real-time purchase decision.

The Future of Online Shopping!

Collaborative Shopping allows buyers to test and buy things from the comfort of your home! MageNative strives to bring the best. Continuously working towards innovations in the mobile commerce industry urging its experts to engage users by employing various methodologies.

Collaborative Shopping is one example of the next level appraisal of technical advancements. In addition to providing world-class mobile apps, Magenative continuously works towards bringing you latest to the users. It not only helps its clients advancing in their business but also strengthens Magenative as a Next Generation Innovator.