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  • magento 2 vendor badges api

Vendor Badges API [M2]

Total Price: $49.00

Vendor Badges API allows Magento 2 marketplace owners to assign appropriate badges to the vendors that represent their relative performance and trust level based on sales volume and customer feedback.


  • Award badges to vendors based on their sales count
  • Award badges to vendors based on customer ratings
  • Display badges on vendor’s shop page
  • Display badges on vendor’s panel

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Total Price: $49.00

Vendor Badges API allows customers to easily identify the best performing vendors in the marketplace. These badges are assigned to vendors considering not only the customer feedback but also vendor’s previous sales record.

The vendor automatically earns a particular badge when he fulfills certain required criteria. These criteria can be configured by the store admin which entitles vendors a specific badge only when they have received a required amount of customer ratings or successfully fulfilled a certain number of orders.


  • Store admin can create multiple orders based badges and review based badges which are displayed on vendor panel and their shop page.
  • Rating points can be assigned to each star rating and a review based badge is assigned to the vendor when he has earned a required amount of rating points.
  • Badges earned by a vendor get replaced by new ones when they fulfill new criteria either by receiving even more reviews or making more sales.

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