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App Building Process

A simplified and effortless process that makes app building fun. Follow the three-step process given below and make your perfect E-commerce App come alive in no time. You are just steps away from transforming your Shopify store into a branded mobile app.

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Don’t just build a store like everyone else, build a brand

Reach out to billions of potential smartphone users on Android and iOS, that you have been missing out. See how Shopify mobile app can help you build a brand and multiply your revenue.

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Quick View of App Flow

The building process for MageNative Shopify Mobile App is quite very easy. Have a look at the most used screens of MageNative app. It will help you choose your plan. If you want to customize the app you can raise a custom request any time.

Android DEMO for Shopify

IOS DEMO for Shopify

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Work with a company that is trusted by over 5,000 clients across the world. A company which is the official channel partner to market leaders like Walmart, Sears, and NewEgg.







Your Shopify Store needs a Mobile app. Don’t ignore the trend.

  • Business Insider predicts that over $285 Billion of eCommerce will take place through mobile.
  • To sell on mobile, it is imperative that you have a mobile application for your smartphone.
  • Native mobile application can cost you thousands of dollars -- Don’t take our word, Google “How much does it cost to develop a native mobile app”.
  • However, with us, you can build your Shopify store into a brand, and equip it with native mobile apps for both Android and iOS -- for just $40!