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Try MageNative's ready-made Android and iOS Apps for WooCommerce websites. MageNative Apps provides a complete solution for your WooCommerce Shop.

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Build App Process

Install Plugin

Visit Download Plugin section and install it on your Wordpress Site, then configure the plugin. Thereafter, enter the API key received from the MageNative site.

Configure The App

Visit MageNative app Dashboard to get the setting to configure the app. Here you get to experience how does your to-be app look like.

Preview The App

After the two steps, your app is prepared, contact for further customization.

Publish The App

Once satisfied with the App Performance, the app is ready to be published in Respective Stores.


APP Demo Section

Complete Mobile solution with most useful features For WooCommerce Store

Site Demo

Magenative Woocommerce App Demo
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User name: magenative, Password: password
Woocommerce Mobile Solution

MageNative app will boost your sales

Create a mobile app for Woocommerce store and experience the surge in sales. Reach millions of pockets with your app. To see, what it entails, click on below.

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Quick View of App Flow

MageNative Mobile App for Woocommerce building process is quite easy. Take a look at the most used screens of the MageNative app, It will help you to choose a plan for our app. If you want to customize MageNative app you can raise a custom request any time for your app.

Android DEMO for WooCommerce

IOS DEMO for WooCommerce