Bolster your market presence by Converting Your Magento E-commerce Store into a Native App

Build your M-commerce authority with MageNative app solution – a feature rich, secure and extremely flexible native app.

And You DON’T REQUIRE any CODING skill.




One Time

Use it for free for first 90 days. Thereafter only ONE-time payment and NO monthly/yearly subscription model.

Integrate with shop

By installing the plugin on the Magento Shop, the app starts getting API feeds from the shop in the real time.

Push Notification

Send all the important information with push notifications. Marketing your products is easier, too, with the MageNative app.

Zero Coding Skills

All the technical work is done in the MageNative app itself. You only require the logo, and use our dashboard to build your app.

Native App

The MageNative app is built for performance, the native app loads the pages faster. 100% native app solutions for the Android and IOS. Windows is evolving.

Compelling User Experience

Engage your customers with the compelling user experience. With the little customization, you can match your Magento Shop’s UI with MageNative app. Also, you have the option to choose the theme for your shop.

Platforms we integrate with

We support the most used platform across the world to open the online stores.

Quick view of MageNative App

Take a quick glance at MageNative app. It showcases the different layout views, pages, and process of the app.

Features Rich Shopping App

Easy Steps to Build App

3 Simple steps to build your feature rich Android and IOS app for Magento.

Download Magento App Connector

Download Connector

The first step in the app creation process is to signup and place order for your connector and app creation service. As a result, you would get the connector module to connect with the mobile app.

Install Magento App Connector

Install Connector

After downloading the connector, you need to install it at your Magento shop. Save app unique key from MageNative dashboard at your Magento shop. Configure the connector to set up the banner, category and product show in the app. Our featured dashboard allows you to set the icon, splash screen, the color scheme for the app.

Build Magento App

Build Your App

After all setup in step 1 and Step 2 you need to build the app for the preview. You can separately build the app for Android, iOS, and Window. The freshly compiled app will be generated and ready to install on your mobile devices. If you are satisfied with the app performance then you can publish it to your publishing accounts or by CedCommerce account with no extra cost.

Mobile Platform Supported

We are proud to announce that MageNative app for Magento supports the Android, iOS and Window platform. Our app has gone through rigorous testing in the real world and is compatible with most of the different-sized devices.