Custom Hours

Custom Hours

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Do you need custom development or designing done for your mobile application? Well, with CedCommerce’s custom design and development packages, you can have exactly what you need.

Hire Developers and Designers:

  • Hire state of art designers and developers.
  • Leverage their expertise and decades of experience on your behalf.
  • Get our designers and developers to customize your products, or create brand new projects.
  • Avail expert services at the most competitive rates in the industry.

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Total Price: $0.00

Whether you have purchased any products from CedCommerce, and want us to tweak them to suit your needs, or whether you need the services of some experienced, veteran developers and designers to cater to your own projects, CedCommerce’s custom D&D packages are all you could ever want!

Hire Developers:

  • Our team of in-house developers is available to cater to your requirements at highly affordable rates of $15 per hour.

  • All of our developers are veterans of development and have been in the field for several years.

  • Our developers have an extensive portfolio of several hundred products associated with technologies like Magento, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopify, mobile app, etc.

  • They have a working experience with thousands of external clients, from customisation to even building entire projects from scratch.

Hire Designers:

Matching their steps with the developers are our designers. Our in-house team of designers is comprised of experts in the field with a cumulative experience of several decades, and they are available for hire, for just $15 per hour!

  • Our designers have proven themselves capable of coming up with ideas that are aesthetically pleasing.

  • Our designers have also proven themselves able to drive conversions and make your ads, banners, mobile apps, or website, all the more alluring to the end customer.

So what are you waiting for? Hire a team of awesome designers, and watch the difference they make to your business.

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