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Build your Shopify store into a brand, today!

Join the mobile revolution. Reach billions of new customers. Give your customers a native mobile app.

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Native mobile app development can cost you tens of thousands of dollars That is what Google say.

This single factor is one of the biggest scaling hurdles faced by many companies. Well, we have taken care of the issue for you. Our state of the art, native Shopify application comes with an unbelievable, double digit price!

We ensured

To your customers, your app offers:

A constant connection with your brand.

Your Shopify mobile app ensures that your customers are constantly aware of your brand. And that the shopping process is instantaneous and instinctive.

A highly engaging interaction

That makes shopping, a pleasure. With all the redundancies out of the picture, your customers can actually shop, and enjoy the experience.

Quick navigation and purchase

We have built the app to be completely seamless for your customers. From shopping, to search, to payments, everything is exactly where it should be, and runs exactly how it should.

To you, the app offers:

The chance to convert your store into a brand

Don’t limit yourself to the desktop. Your customers are moving to smartphones. Join brands like Amazon, Flipkart, and Etsy with presence on both iOS and Android.

Reach billions of new potential customers.

There are billions of smartphone users in the world. And the number is only slated to grow as more people are introduced to the web through mobiles.

Performance tracking and website synchronization

The app comes synchronized with your Shopify Store. Any change you make to the website is reflected instantly in the app, making administration a piece of cake.

Some Other Exciting Features:

In future payments

Multiple payment channels

Paying for purchases is the easiest thing in the world with PayPal, Cash On Delivery, and more.


Barcode Scanner

Your customers can scan the barcode of any product and search it well within your m-commerce store



Supports Arabic, Hebrew and other right-to-left compatible languages.